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Doing the Walmart Walk 

My goodness! There was certainly a transformation in the weather this morning: dry, bright, hot and sunny, as I went to the nearby Wenzhou Public Security Bureau to get my resident’s permit renewed for another year in China. Then opted it to an also nearby Starbucks with two of my co-workers to spew some self-recriminations about our students, our classes and the exams we did.

I’m quite looking forward, now that I’ve got the camping equipment together, to an up and coming five week vacation in the UK, to experience and enjoy some of my roots which will involve some backpacking and hiking in some picturesque area’s in the North of England. I hope the weather keeps fine - at least dry for some of the time. Hopefully I won’t experience the copious rainfall here, or I’ll be a drowned rat, but if the weather transforms itself, such as here in beautiful sunny Wenzhou (joke intended), my belongings could get nice n’ dry.

Buying the cheap equipment yesterday from Walmart was quite an experience, trudging around in the rain, sick of getting my feet soggy. I went back to the store where I bought one of one the items, thinking it was faulty, and then traipsed to another store where the same item - a head torch - was available. Some helpful Chinese girls were at the customer service counter. Although I hate it when they ask me if I can speak any of their language, making me feel that I ought to speak a lot of it, and I can say only a little. I usually, though, leave out, ‘because you lot want to speak English.’

It turned out that the item bought at the previous store wasn’t faulty at all. It hadn’t occured to me to press a small black rubber button at the torch’s side that turned the light on and off, as well as regulating it. More instructions and / or pics indicating what to do would have been helpful.

The rest of the time was left procrastinating: ’Why is one camping pad 10 Yuan more than another which is just the same? Should I opt for a green or a blue tent? I opted for the latter. A much brighter colour, in my opinion. How about a green coloured sleeping bag? The workers at the checkout overlooked and didn’t remove the plastic security tag until it made a bleeping noise as I went out the exit. Guess what? It was blue.

Well, as the saying goes…’blue is the colour.’

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